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KTH is a world-class provider of program and project management consulting services

With active clients in Canada, the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, and New Zealand, and with project experience ranging from information technology and ERPs to major capital projects, to business re-engineering, KTH has the expertise and experience your organization requires to maximize your return on your significant program and project investments.

KTH's specific areas of expertise include:

  • The strategic management of major project portfolios, ensuring that projects in a portfolio explicitly support the strategic intent of the organizations hosting them
  • Setting up and managing effective Project Performance Centres (PMOs)
  • Improving project management performance
  • Planning for major projects, including stakeholder alignment, measures of success, risk assessment and mitigation
  • In-flight reviews for projects and programs
  • Coaching and mentoring for project managers
  • Project and program management training
  • Working with senior executives to ensure that they are effective in managing project portfolios, and in working with project management professionals

KTH also regularly brings together teams of project management professionals to manage larger projects or engagements.


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